10 reasons to start a webshop NOW

Running a webshop is booming business. Last year almost 10,000 webshops were founded. That comes down to about 1 new webshop per 1700 inhabitants in the Netherlands. Not a crazy development of course, because more and more people are shopping online and more and more entrepreneurs see the possibilities of an online store. 

Are you considering starting a webshop? Then read these 10 Reasons To Start A Webshop NOW.

1. Consumers are spending more and more money

In 2018, 23.7 billion euros was spent online. Ten percent more than the year before. 13.5 million online shoppers made a total of 242 million online purchases. That’s more than 660,000 orders per day made online! A huge number, but the growth still does not seem to be out.

2. More and more money is being spent online

If you look at total consumer spending, you can see that online shops are taking up an increasing share of it. In 2017, 24% of the money was spent online, in the first quarter of 2019 it was already 28%, and this share seems to continue to grow in the coming years.

Global online retail spending Statistics and Trends

3. Consumers orient themselves in several ways

If you already have a physical store, then it’s a smart move to open a webshop next to it. Consumers nowadays use several ways to orient themselves and eventually make the purchase. For example, consumers orientate themselves in a physical store, but eventually place the order online. 

Or the other way around: they orient themselves online and buy in a physical store. It works to your advantage if you have both an online shop and a brick and mortar shop. Moreover, as a retailer you have a number of advantages by also being present online. 

For example, you can reach a lot more people online by being easily found in search engines and on comparison websites.

4. You reach a lot more people

With an online store you can reach people from all over the country – and even far beyond – while with a physical store you have a much smaller reach. By investing in search engine optimization, your online shop will become visible to a lot of people. 

You can easily inspire people online and you can also activate existing customers and encourage them to make repeat purchases by sending newsletters, for example. The shop on the corner can’t compete with that.

5. Starting a webshop is very easy

Nowadays, there is various web shop software available that allows you to be online within a day, even without any technical knowledge. It really isn’t difficult to start a webshop anymore. 

My experience is that merchants often find it more difficult to figure out exactly what they are going to sell and what their distinguishing capacity is, than starting the store itself.

Web shop


6. Starting a webshop can also be done without a large investment

To start a webshop you don’t need a well-filled bank account. You can work from home and do not need to rent an expensive office building or a large warehouse. Especially the first time an extra room or an attic is often sufficient. 

There are few fixed costs and by working via dropshipping, for example, you don’t have to buy stock.

7. A web shop is the ideal job

Would you like to work alone during the children’s school hours, do you like to sleep late and do you prefer to start your working day an hour later or are you limited in your energy due to circumstances? No problem if you run a webshop. 

As an entrepreneur you can set your own working hours and organize your own days. There are of course a number of tasks that come back every day. Think of customer service and packing and shipping orders. But other things can easily be scheduled at other times. 

For example, you can set up all your blogs and newsletters for the whole month in one day, you only need to create your social media posts once a week using smart tools and you can also gain a lot of freedom by outsourcing or automating tasks. 

So it’s not surprising that a webshop is regularly started next to a salaried job or when the son or daughter goes to school and a mother wants to work, but also wants to be flexible. With your own webshop you can do that. How nice!

8. You grow as an entrepreneur, but also as a person

Entrepreneurship is a trade in itself. As a webshop owner you need to know a lot of things. That can be difficult, but you can also see it as a challenge. I have learned a lot from my years as a webshop owner. 

Not only have I learned about online marketing, search engine optimization and conversion optimization, but also about accounting, legislation, negotiation, sales and how to organize your time efficiently. As a result, I have not only grown enormously as an entrepreneur, but also as a person.

9. You don't need much space

I mentioned dropshipping earlier. A way of working where you don’t have to buy stock. As soon as an order is placed in your webshop, the supplier receives a signal and sends the product directly to the customer. 

This way you only need a desk, you don’t need a warehouse or storage space. Do you want to buy products but you are limited in space? Then you can easily call in a fulfillment company. They manage your entire stock, send parcels to your customers and handle returns. 

This also has the advantage that you don’t have to pack and deliver parcels to the post office every day, which saves you time.


10. It's fun!

I think the above advantages are convincing enough when you are planning to start a webshop. The last advantage I would like to mention is that running a webshop is just a lot of fun. There is nothing cooler than receiving the first order from a stranger. 

Believe me, then your heart really jumps. And even years later I was still happy with every order and every new customer. Every time the appreciation that you’re doing well.

Yet there is also a downside

Do you dream of having your own webshop? Then these 10 reasons may have convinced you to really take the step and start your webshop. Of course it’s not all roses and moonshine. Because although starting a webshop is not difficult, it can be a challenge to actually make it a big success. 

Running a webshop is incredibly hard work. If you want to earn a nice salary at least. As a webshop owner you will inevitably face competition. So make sure you make a good plan before you start. How are you going to distinguish your shop from other shops? 

How are you going to make sure you are found online? And what are you going to do to retain customers, so they place repeat purchases? These are some of the things you need to think about in advance.

If you have a great plan and the ambition to become truly successful, then nothing stands in the way of starting your online store today. Go for it!