5 seo tools

5 SEO tools that you, maybe, didn’t know about yet

If you want to achieve better results with SEO, then you will probably succeed in discovering the big players we all know. Here’s a list of five relatively unknown tools – often more affordable and with good support – each of which can boost your site in its own way.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is more important than ever before. The trends for 2019 (like artificial intelligence) tell you that if you want to stay on your feet today, you need to improve your SEO game.

1. Cognitieve SEO

A simple SEO Software tool set that exposes all the traffic problems of your website so you can start using it right away.

The tool offers practical solutions to make your pages rise in google rankings and focuses on two main parts: a monitoring section, where you can constantly monitor your website and your competition and an action section where you can implement your SEO strategies.

Cognitive SEO collects everything in the field of search engine optimization. Including a content assistant, a unique tool that identifies exact keywords that are missing a piece of content to score higher in Google. They also have a site audit that detects SEO problems and provides suggestions for solving these problems.

They also have a Local & Mobile Rank tracker that provides accurate country, language and city accuracy for all your keywords. These are a few higlights but this is not all, they also have rank tracking, back-clink-analysis, social visibility, an instant site explorer, the keyword tool and cognitive SEO signals.

The price indication of this tool starts at $129.99 per month including discounts for annual subscriptions.

Cognitive SEO

2. Nightwatch

Also known as the all-seeing eye for your SEO performance, it is designed specifically for companies focused on scaling up.

The tool specifically helps monitor and analyze the performance of your website, spies on your competitors and ensures that your website grows at a healthy and constant speed. This tool differs from the other 5 tools in that you can see how groups of keywords are performing and can be compared to their characteristics. With innovative filtering methods you know exactly what the attention is focused on.

The user interface is also very useful because it shows all the important information statistics on different areas. They have excellent keyword tracking and feedback rights. The reporting options are also highly customizable, which is an important must. The tool also allows segmentation and monitoring of keywords and backlinks as well as visualization of your data on flexible graphs for reports etc. Finally, you can integrate Google Analytics and Search Console to collect your traffic data in one place.

These prices are realistic for a small company. The price indication of this tool starts with $19.00 per month.

Nightwatch SEO

3. CanIrank

The very first SEO Intelligence tool in the industry. The software collects data and statistics from other well-known SEO services and then adds its own layer of intelligence based on machine learning to provide useful insights and recommendations.

Their goal is to help clients spend less time collecting and analyzing data and more time improving their traffic.

The software uses machine learning to provide specific instructions on how to improve the presence of a website in Google’s search results.

It also provides clear data with step-by-step action plans. The tool’s recommendations include marketing strategies such as keyword research, page optimization, content promotion and competitor analysis.

CanIrank distinguishes itself by offering SEO consulting services for companies and marketing teams looking for expert help. They have also made a number of case studies that you should definitely read through.

The price of this tool starts at $49 per month.

CanIRank SEO

4. ContentKing

An innovative SEO tool that innovates and has a radically different vision on how SEO should work. They do not call themselves crawlers (like the other SEO Tools) but a monitoring service. The tool needs to fit in with reality.

ContentKing actually works in the same way as search engines: they use a smart algorithm to determine which pages are most important, and they check them most often. The tool monitors SEO problems and changes within websites in real time. In particular, it helps to pinpoint problems in areas you are not aware of.

In case of such problems, ContentKing sends alerts so that action can be taken quickly. These alerts are not overwhelming or unnecessary.

This way you can prevent these problems from actually having an impact on your findability, and therefore on your turnover.

They make use of a well-organized and attractive dashboard and the report contains all content as well as PPC data. Updating the data is very efficient, you only have to set it up once and it continues to follow the site. They also use a handy wordpress plugin.

Another great feature I noticed is the option to check the updates in the content and history reports. This is very useful to improve the content of your website. All data is stored in the Cloud and can therefore be accessed at any time. Because it is in the Cloud, it is also very easy to share it with the teammates. Continuous monitoring is no problem, not even for large websites.

The price of this tool starts at €29 per month (This does depend on the size of your website).

ContentKing SEO

5. Mangools

A convenient and easy-to-use package of 5 SEO tools that cover everything from keyword research, backend analysis to advanced SEO statistics and insights from any website. Recently, Mangools launched competitor-based research in the KWFinder. When you create your keyword strategy, you can enter all the keywords you want to rank, view the competition and view all related keywords in one page. In addition, they assign difficulty levels to each keyword, so you have an idea how difficult it will be for your site to get a good ranking for that keyword in the search results. You can also filter by region, language, search volume, PPC competition, average CPC, certain keywords, number of words (if you want to go longtail or not), exclude keyword problems and even keywords.

The tool is very user friendly and uses beautiful designs and UX. Compared to the other tools, Mangools has the best value for money if you only search for specific functions and will not use all of them.

They offer a free trial period during which you can try out all the tools in 10 days. Their basic package starts at €29.90 per month.

Mangools SEO

The results page of a search engine or ‘Serp’ (search engine results pages) is constantly changing, algorithms are becoming more sophisticated and better able to detect quality content. Make sure you do good research to see if new trends can apply to your product or service.

Remember that the focus is on your visitor. By focusing on the creation of valuable content that answers the questions of your potential customers, you can build a healthy online profile. Getting backlinks, finding keywords and putting your website in order technically, you do this by making efficient use of the above tools.