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Affiliate marketing in 2020: This is how you will continue to differentiate yourself

Affiliate marketing is immensely popular today and continues to grow in volume every year. If you check Google Trends, for example, you’ll see the interest in affiliate marketing continue to grow. This is not only reflected in the number of publishers, but also on the program side. 

As most sellers know, the major e-commerce companies now also have their own affiliate marketing program, such as, or

The increase in publishers and programmes obviously results in an even more competitive market and more competition in the search engine. You have to take a few extra steps to get those visitors on your website or platform. 

Many niches have been discovered nowadays and in many markets you have to compete against the big giants of this world in the search engine. So it’s a tough challenge.

Earning a nice pocket money is becoming more and more difficult for the publishers. You need to continuously monitor the trends and it is important to follow the latest developments from Google and the SEO landscape if you want to be part of the fast developments of the digital landscape. 

If you are one of the first to pick up certain features, you will stay ahead of the competition in the search engine! Have you already defined your strategy for 2020? If not, fortunately you still have a few weeks left. With a few tips and developments you might already be helped on your way.

2020 is going to be a competitive year for affiliate marketing. Will you delve into these trends in good time or will you continue to rely on your current strategy?

Influencers as affiliate channel


Where some people have grown tired of types like Kylie Jenner, Selena Gomez
and Justin Bieber, there are still hundreds of thousands of boys and girls who closely follow the activities of the above influencers on a daily or weekly basis. 

As you probably understand, these influencers are only for the big boys. But you as a small affiliate marketer can also make use of influencers. Then look for lesser known influencers, but for influencers that are known or form an authority in your branch or niche. 

These lesser known influencers don’t get dozens of offers or collaborations every week and will rather focus on your offer. This way you don’t pay the main price for an influencer, but you pay a decent price. It can also be an idea not to pay a price, but to divide the income from affiliate marketing in a certain way. 

Do you work with an influencer from your niche? Your visitors are more likely to regard your website or platform as an authority.

Voice, Voice, Voice

Voice ControlVoice of Voice Search has been in every end-of-year blog for years. Every year you read back: ‘next year this will be the biggest trend or development. Where it hasn’t really gotten off the ground yet in the Netherlands, Google is already fully responding to this. 

Nowadays you can ask Google via your Airpods what the best affiliate marketing blog is or what the weather will be tomorrow. The best results will then appear at the top of the search results page.

A general tip for this is to write content with answers to certain questions. Take for example the question, which does have search volume on it, in your title or most important headlines. Moreover, you increase the chance that your page or article will be included in Google’s featured snippets.

Look beyond the well-known SEO tools


Are you active in well-known SEO or Google Tools, such as SEMrush, Ahrefs, Google Search Console and MOZ? Keep this in mind, because they can provide you with relevant and helpful information in several areas. But also try to look beyond the familiar tools

For example, you have another tool, namely Answer the public, where you can get new content ideas if you are in danger of getting bogged down in your current content strategy.

Set the language, fill in the keyword you want to write about and you will immediately get new inspiration to write about. An ideal tool to expand your current keyword portfolio, read what your target audience is talking about right now and get new and fresh ideas about longtail keywords.

Affiliate Marketing - Cooperate with partners

PartnersIf you want to grow with affiliate marketing without a media budget, SEO is the most important key to success. Check the technique of your website again. What about the internal link structure? And what about the speed of the website? 

Both things that Google also looks at. Be critical of your own content, the customer journey on your website and embrace link building in your affiliate marketing strategy.

In order to successfully implement this, it is necessary to establish a network with partners. This doesn’t happen from day one, but, just like SEO itself, it takes time to grow steadily. Paid links and paid blogs can offer a solution, but these possibilities are not for every publisher or every company. 

In order to touch qualitative backlinks in a different way, collaboration with partners is crucial. Approach relevant websites, other blog websites in your industry or niche with the question if you can write a blog. 

Not all of them will be eager to post a backlink to your website, but you will be surprised how many openings it will offer you by simply sending messages and contact forms asking if you can collaborate in a certain way. Every website or blog is constantly looking for the next step.

The above developments and tips are important to include in your affiliate marketing strategy for 2020.

Are you already ready for 2020 or do you need to take another good look at your plans?