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Blog / niche site 2019

Niche sites have been trendy for years and can still be a lucrative source of income. With niche sites or niche blogs it is about building sites on certain topics and filling them with relevant high quality content. The intention behind it is to rank these contents on Google and to bring the corresponding target group which searches for these contents to the site.

 As soon as they are on the site, you can then make the users various offers to topic-relevant products. These products are mostly based on affiliates of other manufacturers or own digital products.

The advantage behind niche sites is that they can be automated very easily and the cash flow becomes more and more passive in the long run. This is due to the fact that Google has been able to maintain high quality content for years and that you only have to update it every few months. If the affiliate products / offers do not expire, nothing stands in the way of monetization.

Thus, the time and monetary effort is quite different from Dropshipping and Amazon FBA. You start with hardly any starting capital and invest a lot of time in the beginning. Afterwards it takes a while until you get the first returns. But month after month these are getting higher, more stable and more passive.


Time Expense

The time required to build niche pages is extremely high. Because you need several weeks or at least one month to build the site and create the content. Afterwards you have to wait again several weeks and sometimes even months until all articles are indexed and ranked on Google.

Niche sites are not suitable to make a lot of money quickly. Rather, it is an initial time-consuming and slow process which can be automated and takes less and less time.

Required Skills

Who wants to build successful niche sites needs basic skills in web design and SEO (search engine optimization). So you should definitely be a bit IT affine or at least be willing to learn the required skills.

Furthermore you should be familiar with the niche you are building content around. The contents should create corresponding value and also be on a sound basis.

start up Money

The starting capital required for the development of niche sites is extremely low and is close to zero. The only thing you need is a good webhost (10-20€ / month – we clearly recommend Siteground!) and a theme for WordPress (50€). Then you are theoretically ready to go. Thus, the financial barrier to entry is extremely low.

Optionally, you can also outsource the creation of content against payment whereby only professionals are recommended who have already built several niche sites and know exactly what matters.

Income / Profit

The income of small to medium-sized niche sites is usually in the 3-4 digit range. Thus it is not an online income with which one becomes a millionaire but it is enough for most that they can quit the normal job. But if you are ambitious you can of course expand the site further and monetize it in different ways (more affiliate programs & own digital products). With skill you can build up a solid 5 digit income.

Time Expence


Required Skills


Start up Money


Income / Profit