ebook money success guide

Write an E-Book

For all those who like to write to us to realize themselves it is easier than ever. It has never been so easy to write a book and earn money with it from day one. Without starting capital. In former times it was connected with enormous costs and troubles to bring out an own book. Most of the time the publishers cut so much that in the end hardly anything remained over.

The Internet has completely changed the desire or profession to become an author, and digitalization has created undreamt-of opportunities. Some people even managed to write a book, publish it and quit their job within a few weeks and write books full-time.

Due to the large number of Kindle & E-Book readers you can easily write e-books on your computer, format them accordingly and upload them to Amazon (as e-book, Kindle format etc.). This is completely free of charge and if you are interested in the rankings it is also possible to place the book well in the respective charts / categories.

Of course the quality and the added value are in the foreground again. The better the book, the better the rating and this leads to higher rankings and increasing sales figures.

Besides there is also the possibility to publish a hardcover book and also without preliminary costs. Amazon now offers its own POD book service. POD stands for Print On Demand and makes it possible to turn digital books into real print books. These do not have to be financed in advance. There are only costs as soon as someone orders the book.

Time Expense

The time required to write an e-book / Kindle book depends on how proficient you are with writing or typing on the computer. Basically it is possible to write a short e-book within 2-3 weeks. The subsequent formatting and uploading usually takes no longer than a few hours. Therefore the time expenditure is absolutely limited.

Required Skills

Skills other than speaking the language in which you want to write do not exist in theory. Completing and uploading the e-book is extremely easy and doesn’t require any great skills. Most readers of this article know how to use Word anyway.

But you should definitely be familiar with the topic you are writing about. The content of the book is ultimately the quintessence and decisive for the success of the book. In addition, one should look at the competition and think about the other offer in terms of positioning. 

How can I offer added value or how can I create more value for the reader than others?

start up Money

Starting capital is not needed unless you get someone to write the book or format it. But this is usually very expensive (writing), since there are no low-wage countries.

Only for advertising the book you can optionally include some marketing budget or PPC costs at the beginning. This helps the book to better rankings.

Income / Profit

Good e-books can definitely earn a few thousand USD a month on the side. As long as it offers good content as mentioned above and is shared and bought accordingly, you can expect a lucrative income. 

The advantage is that the income can be automated very easily and the cash flow becomes relatively passive after a successful start and good rankings.

Time Expence


Required Skills


Start up Money


Income / Profit