instagram money success guide

Posting on Instagram

The currently most popular social network in terms of activity and engagement rate is also a very good platform when it comes to making money. The original image editing platform has become an absolute hot spot for a variety of industries including leading fitness, fashion, personal development and entertainment. 

With over 1 billion members, much of the Western world is now on Instagram. Young people in particular are particularly active on the platform.

Just like on YouTube, accounts can be set up with high-quality and topic-relevant content and following. As soon as you have built up a large fan base of several thousand active followers, you can start monetizing.

One offers products (mostly on affiliate basis) of most different kind and links these in the BIO or the stories. Of course you can also offer your own products like e-books, coachings or similar. Also sponsored postings and shoutouts are very popular and can be very lucrative. 

Many brands are constantly looking for Instagram Influencers for their products. In return, these are usually very well paid for the promotion.

So as soon as you have set up a Following, you can monetize the accounts in many ways.

Time Expense

The time required for Instagram is not quite as high as it is for YouTube because you mainly post pictures or short videos but should not be underestimated. Also here the creation of high-quality and topic-relevant content in the foreground and this can be different depending on the niche time-consuming.

In the beginning, just like with YouTube, you will hardly earn any money with Instagram. Only when you have shared a lot of content over weeks and months and have built up an appropriate follower base will it start to pay off.

Required Skills

Instagram is a relatively simple platform and the algorithm is easy to understand when you look at it. Thus, accounts can be set up very well, if content and the niche it to let. For content creation you should have some skills in photo and video editing. However, there are many apps like VSCO which simplify the process.

start up Money

Basically you don’t need any or hardly any starting capital for Instagram. Usually a very good mobile phone or a beginner’s camera is enough to produce the corresponding content. Good system cameras with a lens are available from 1000 USD, like the Sony A6400 for example.

Income / Profit

As with YouTube, income and profit are strongly dependent on the niche, target group, follower number and content. That’s why you can’t say what Instagram can do for you. But often influencers of moderate size earn several hundred USD per posting. With your own products and affiliate marketing, even more is possible in the long run.

Big influencers like Kim Kardashian earn 6 digits for a posting – as a small anecdote.

Time Expence


Required Skills


Start up Money


Income / Profit