Starting an Online Marketing Agency

Another way to make money online is to open an online marketing agency and help other companies win online customers. There are endless possibilities ranging from web design and SEO to social media marketing. As an online marketing agency there are many ways to help other companies with digital marketing.

Many companies already know how important the Internet has become and that the future lies there, also in marketing. The interest or demand for online marketing is correspondingly high. As a freelancer or small online marketing agency you have the possibility to meet exactly this demand and offer corresponding services. This can be done offline as well as online.

In order to be able to offer this one should possess however the appropriate know-how. The fastest way is to learn directly from the most successful experts in the industry. We got the SMMA (Social Media Marketing Agency) program from Tai Lopez and adopted its techniques and tricks.

Time Expense

The time required depends on which service you offer. Webdesign is usually very time-consuming just like SEO. On the other hand, social media marketing or the creation of Google Ads is comparatively less time-consuming. Facebook ads can also be created with comparatively little time, but this is exactly where the demand is particularly high.

Required Skills

Anyone who offers a service to others and asks for money for it should definitely know what he is doing. This knowledge can of course be learned. It is best to start with a simple field and work your way up step by step. 

Social Media Marketing is a simple start for someone who wants to become self-employed in this field. You can learn the most important strategies within a few weeks and then sell them at a high price to companies.

start up Money

Theoretically, you don’t need any seed capital except to create your own website. Hosting + Theme together do not cost more than 200 USD for one year and are absolutely enough for the beginning. 

Other costs are possible courses which you should buy before but also continuously. Because the more you know the more you can offer. In the end you sell nothing else than Know How.

Income / Profit

The income from an online marketing agency depends on the skills you bring with you. If you are capable and can offer serious added value to companies, they are usually willing to spend high monthly sums and to be looked after accordingly. 

For example, you can negotiate a 10% share of the generated turnover. Therefore it is of course necessary to track everything in order to know where the turnover really comes from.

But basically the pricing is based on skills and track record. At the top over 1000 USD / h are paid and this is not uncommon.

Time Expence


Required Skills


Start up Money


Income / Profit