write an e-book

Write an E-book? (step-by-step plan)

Anyone can write an e-book

Anyone can write an e-book, even if you’re not a born writer or if you don’t have the discipline to work on the same thing for long periods of time. The secret to writing a good e-book is preparing your e-book. 

Once you have your own e-book doors will open as all you have to do is put a sales page online and you can start marketing (like google adwords, affiliate marketing, email marketing, social media and so on).

Step 1: Create a topic

This is perhaps the most difficult phase of the whole process, simply make up a good subject and start. For example, you get to a good subject by thinking about what your passion is, what you like and what you find interesting to write about. 

I’m sure there will be more people besides you who will find this subject interesting. You can also look at a subject you have no passion for but know a lot about and which is in high demand, it is up to you to choose but make a decision.

Step 2: Outlining the main topics

The best way to get a good overview is to make the table of contents of your e-book. First write out all the main topics for your book on paper, don’t be too critical but write down everything that comes to mind. 

As soon as you don’t know anything anymore you can start reorganizing them. Put them in the right order and see if you delete some of the subjects or merge them with others.

Step 3: Outlining The Sub-Topics

When you have finished all the main topics/chapters of your book, you can start making up sub-topics or paragraphs. In this way you create a structure for each chapter and make sure that each chapter contains all the information you want to have in it and also has the right order. 

Take the time per chapter to write down everything you want to say about that subject and then reorganize it into a few paragraphs.

Step 4: Start Writing!

You see that you only start writing an e-book at step 4, while many writers see this as step 1. Only when you know all your chapters and paragraphs for sure and have put them in order is it time to start writing. Depending on how big your e-book gets, you can also go a step deeper by making sub-paragraphs.

The nice thing about this way of working is that you have now built a kind of framework and have already finished the table of contents of your book. You can now work head by head without losing the overview. 

Simply start at the beginning and type out each paragraph one by one. If you have subdivided it correctly you shouldn’t have to write more than 1 A4 per paragraph, if this is longer then you know you have to subdivide it further.

Step 5: Editing

Once you’ve finished the text of your book, it’s time to start editing, rewriting and deleting. Try to change as little as possible during the writing process, this will all come when you go through your book for a second time. 

While editing you can also look at the layout of your e-book, if you can make it more beautiful. For example, look at whether you want things to be bold and/or italicized here and there and possibly use a different font.

Step 6: Images

If your book is finished textually, you can start decorating it with images, try to subtly place images between or next to your text. In Microsoft Word you can also format images very nicely, so you can add more professionalism to your e-book.

Step 7: Finishing Touch

When your e-book is ready, you can give it a so called “finishing touch”, you can do this by putting a prefix in front of it, an epilogue at the back, a table of contents, a header and footer, a nice front page and so on. 

All you have to do is convert your e-book to a pdf file and your e-book is ready!

Step 8: Design and 3D cover

To give your e-book a complete shine, it is advisable to have it beautifully designed. Of course you want to have a sleek e-book cover and a 3d cover. In addition, you can also have your entire pdf designed. 

You can find online tools for this but you can also hire a designer. Place your assignment for example on Fiverr.


Step 9: Sell (or give away)!

When your e-book is finished you can sell it through a sales page or use it as a “give away” on your opt-in page.