YouTube Money Success Guide

Start a YouTube Channel

YouTube has long since ceased to be a platform that is purely about entertainment and cat videos. It is the television of the millennials and certain channels of German YouTuber already have higher ratings than ProSieben, ORF or SRF to Prime. The growth of the last years was enormous and the tendency is strongly rising.

In the meantime YouTube has become an entertainment platform as well as an education and news platform that covers a wide range of industries. The possibilities to earn money with YouTube have increased accordingly. This is why one sees ever younger people who have become successful through YouTUbe with sports cars, expensive watches and other luxury goods.

YouTuber have become a new profession that offers undreamt-of opportunities with low financial entry hurdles.

In concrete terms, it is also about positioning yourself in a certain niche or industry and sharing high-quality and valuable content that provides added value for the follower. Regularity and quality are crucial to build a following on YouTube. Once this has been achieved, the videos or the channel can be monetized in a variety of ways. The principle is very similar to that of a niche side only the medium is different.

On the one hand one can directly with YouTube / Google advertisements fade in can let. But you usually collect 1-5 USD / 1000 Views. In addition, you can also link products which match the content of the video on affiliate basis. Often even brands come to YouTuber and pay them actively for the mention of one of the products in the videos. But of course you can also link your own products (e-books, courses, coaching or other).

Time Expense

YouTube is comparatively time-consuming at the beginning, as is setting up a niche site. Because it usually takes a while until you have reached a certain number of followers from which a monetization really makes sense. 

The construction of a channel sometimes takes several weeks but mostly several months. The entire content production is correspondingly time-consuming. Therefore it is important to show stamina and endurance on YouTube. This is more than rewarded in the long run.

Required Skills

The skills required for this are not very great. You should definitely be familiar with the YouTube algorithm and understand how it works and how to get recommended by YouTube faster. 

You will also need basic skills in video shooting, editing and post-production. But at the beginning these skills don’t have to be very big to be successful with YouTube.

start up Money

Basically you don’t need any start-up money for YouTube if you have a good notebook with webcam. Ideally you should take a few Euros in your hand and buy a good microphone and a good camera. Because meanwhile in times of 4k screens the quality requirements have risen strongly.

For a camera and microphone which already deliver very good results for YouTube one should invest 500-1000 USD.

Income / Profit

The potential income is very different from individual to individual and depends on many factors. The niche / industry as well as the target group and the size of the channel influence the monetization possibilities. 

Therefore it is difficult to make a general statement about the potential income / profit. However, even small YouTube channels with comparatively fewer subsribers in the right niche can be monetized well. 

Above all if it concerns niches in which expert knowledge is in demand (e.g. on-line marketing). These channels often make even more than pure entertainment channels with little added value, even if these often have very high click rates.

Time Expence


Required Skills


Start up Money


Income / Profit